Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Camera Ads

Here is some Vintage Sight film camera ads that I enjoy. Share the link with others. I hope to showcase many of these live on the site!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Samoca 35 II - 1954 Japan

Here is the compact and visually stellar Samoca II View Finder vintage camera. Produced in 1954 in Japan, this 35mm format camera is such a gem. Great optics for a camera in it's class. The lens is an unusual triplet unit focus design (C. Ezumar anastigmat coated, F/3.5/50mm) with the whole assembly moving in and out as the focus knob is rotated. Apertures of 1:3,5 to 1:22. It has a great little shutter release that is unforgettable. Film advancing of course is by rotating the winder until it stops. Yes, each time!
  The back comes off the camera completely, permitting easy film loading. The pressure plate is hinged to the bottom of the camera body, holding the film flat and securely engaging the film sprocket holes with the teeth of the advance/counter gear. While the main body of the camera is Bakelite plastic, it is well protected by the metal back, top and side panels. Very well constructed and total eye candy. Takes great pictures too.
Being so compact it is great to carry to weddings and public events that require a more conspicuous approach. Plus the conversations it generates on Vintage cameras is awesome. A total icebreaker!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leica R3 Mot - True Vintage Camera

Welcome to this new site!!!!
I write Vintage Sound and also have a passion for Photography and cameras of the 70's. I will share my collection in future posts. Enjoy the blog!

Here is the beautiful Leica R3 Mot 35mm SLR. The first electronic camera for Leitz. The manufacturing was done in the Portugal facility and of course they were designed in Germany.
This body is so incredibly well built. Every detail screams quality. Released in 1974 it has had no trouble retaining it's durable shape and performance. My particular unit is completely original and was fine tuned recently. I think the shutter is the best I've ever handled. The sound of it firing is like the purr of the Ferrari! Perfection!!! Beautifully smooth and transition like melted butter.
I know they even produced a Safari model (for those outback wildlife journalists) in a green. I don't know nor have I seen it in the Mot model but know it exists in the R3. They are quite rare and in good shape get price tags.

Mot is short for the motor wind option which I have for this body. It, like the casing is handsomely constructed and connection is made to the body via a recessed wind key. Below is the latch release for the battery cartridge.

 This is true Vintage Camera equipment that defined the era of analogue Photography. Although I was too young to own a gem like when it was released I was sure to find one now that I can build onto. Of course there are many vintage camera options for you but lets just say this beauty would be an excellent place to upgrade from the high school standards offered to learn vintage photography. It's likely one that you won't ever trade in. My advice is never let it go if you find a clean one!

Finally I have the Grip as well. With the motor winder functional the grip is essential as she gets quite heavy. Batteries as well!!

Hard to find is the original case and instruction manual for the Leica R3. I found these at a later date than the camera. It kind of completed the entire set.